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9:36 AM

Eyeshield 21 BLAZE LINE

Posted by hoshitachi

artist : BACK-ON
anime: Eyeshield 21

u maku tobi dase nai
sonna toki wa
kanji ru mama ni ha・ne wo hiro ge
togi resou na
omoi woko no sora ni utsu shi te

Clash & dash! Clash & dash! kyou teki wo geki ha!
I lock the next target like the guerilla!
ma bata ki shiteru mani in your area!
kiiroi seien marude sweet vanilla
Spotlight abi tashika ni chance tsukami
You gotta bump it! (YEAH!!)
First battle is in count down 3 2 1
Watch out! Watch out! I'm about a touch down!

donna toki de mo
sasa e te kureru kimi ga iru kara
nan do datte ta chi a gatte
ano hikari ga michibi ku
basho e ikou

B-A-C-K-O-N Come on! B-A-C-K-O-N Come on!

Hey cheer leaders!! Shake your ass shake your tits for me!
Keep on attackin' so nejifusero!
Don't be afraid you gotta break the scarecrows
I can see the eikou tsukan da eizou!!
Pass mawa shitemo soku intercept!
This game yo yuu desu!
Cuz we got a tech! no time no time you better check tokei!
No doubt on the victory and the game is set!!

donna toki de mo
sasa e te kureru kimi ga iru kara
nan do datte ta chi a gatte
ano hikari ga michibi ku
basho e ikou

You gotta break the scarecrows
Bump bump bump soku intercept!
High voltage burikitte red zone!!
We gonna get the eikou

You gotta break the scarecrows
Bump bump bump soku intercept!
High voltage burikitte red zone!!
We gonna get the eikou

donna toki de mo
sasa e te kureru kimi ga iru kara
nan do datte ta chi a gatte
ano hikari ga michibi ku
basho e ikou

konna boku demo
sasae te kureru kimi ga iru kara
fuan o kette kibou o tsukan de
tsubasa hiroge tobitatsu ima
asu o egakou

12:06 PM

Soul Eater 2nd OP : PAPERMOON

Posted by hoshitachi

artist : Tommy Heavenly
anime: Soul Eater

full version :

I’m Falling Down Into My Shadow
iki wo hisomete matteiru Deadly Night
Don’t scary majou ga egaita KABOCHA no basha mo
sono me ni utsuseru kara

See you in your dreams Yeah Baby
kowai yume dato shitemo

Fairy Blue kimi no tame ni hoshi wo kudaki
kasaritsuketa Black Paper Moon
shinjitekureta nara When you’re lost here I am
Forever with your soul
miagereba kagayaku tsuki no you ni

amai shinku no JAMU mo
otoshita KA-DO ni ukabi agaru moji
Your Destiny kimi ga nozomeba donna sekai mo
sono te ni tsukameru kara

madowasarenai de
dare ni mo kowasenai

Fairy Blue kimi ga kureta ikiru akashi kizuna to iu eien
sakende kureta nara I will find you, My dear
doko ni ite mo
karamitsuku jubaku wo tokihanatte

dare mo shinjirarenakute hikutsu ni naru toki mo aru
soredemo kimi no kotoba ha itsudemo mune ni hibiiteru

Fairy Blue kimi no tame ni hoshi wo kudaki kazaritsuketa mejirushi
yume wo miushinatte mayotta toki
miagete hoshii

Fairy Blue kimi ga kureta ikiru akashi kizuna to iu shinrai

kimi ha hitori janai
When you’re lost here I am
Forever with your soul
tadoritsukeru kimi ga shinjiru nara


I’m Falling Down Into My Shadow
and hold my breath because what’s waiting is a Deadly Night.
Don’t scary, the witch just drew a pumpkin carriage and
is only reflected in your eyes.

See you in your dreams. Yeah Baby,
Even if they are nightmares.

Fairy Blue, for you, I shatter the stars
and use them to adorn the Black Paper Moon.
Because you believed in me, when you’re lost, here I am
Forever with your soul.
If I look up, you shine like the moon.

The sweet Crimson Jam
that fell in the card raised the spell.
Your Destiny, if you wish for it, no matter the world,
you can grasp it with those hands.

Don’t be confused,
don’t let anyone shatter it.

Fairy Blue you gave me proof to live, a bond called eternity.
If you call for me, I will find you, My Dear,
No matter where you are,
I’ll release you from your curse.

I didn’t want to believe in anyone, there was a time I was mean,
but even so, your words have always resounded in my heart.

Fairy Blue, for you, I shatter the stars and adorn the signs.
When you lose sight of your dreams and get confuse,
please raise your head.

Fairy Blue you gave me proof to live, a bond called confidence.

You aren’t alone,
When you’re lost here I am
Forever with your soul
because you finally trust in me!

TV Version

download papermoon |MEDIA FIRE|

9:55 AM

ARIA: Manga With Beautiful Artwork

Posted by hoshitachi

Aria (アリア) is an utopian science fantasy manga by Amano Kozue (天野 こずえ Amano Kozue). The series was originally titled Aqua (アクア) when it was published by Enix. The series has been adapted as an anime, with first season broadcast in 2005, a second season in 2006, an OVA in September 2007, and the third season on 2008.

The series is set in the 24th century in a terraformed Mars, an follows a young girl named Mizunashi Akari as she trains as an apprentice undine. The series has been praised for its calm-pacing, optimistic worldview, beautiful art, and for the anime, the quality of the soundtrack.


Aria and Aqua takes place in 24th century, starting in 2301 AD, in the city of Neo-Venezia on the planet Aqua--formerly Mars, which was renamed after being terreformed into a habitable planet covered with oceans around 150 years ago. Neo-Venezia is a harbour city of narrow canals instead of streets, traveled by unmotorized gondola.

The story is about a young girl named Mizunashi Akari, who arrives f
rom Manhome (formerly Earth) to become a trainee undine with Aria Company, one for three most known water-guide company in the city. As she trains, she befriends with her mentor and her senior in the company, Alicia Florence, trainee undines from rival companies, Aika .S. Granzchesta from Himeya, and Alice Carrol from Orange Planet, and others in the city.

Aqua covers her arrival on Aqua, an early training as a Pair
or appretience, while Aria countinues her training as Single, or journeyman, and also contains the graduation of her, Aika and Alice as a full Prima, or fully qualified undines.

~Adatation To Anime and Games~

Aria has been adaptated as an anime in three seasons and one OVA. The first season called "ARIA the Animation", the second season called "ARIA the Natural", the third season called "ARIA the Origination" and the OVA called "ARIA the OVA: Arietta". There's also two visual novel games based on the story; "ARIA the Natural: Tooi Yume no Mirage" and "ARIA the Origination: Aoi Hoshi no El Cielo".

The anime has the same story with the manga, but some of them are different, but still it's enjoyable to watch. The soundtrack is just a masterpiece, a slow-smooth music that make me calm. And also Makino Yui's soft voice really fits the opening and the inserts. Kawai Eri, who sung Athena Glory's (Alice's mentor) songs are great. The highest ranking ARIA soundtrack is "Euforia" single, which used for ARIA the Natural opening theme, which sung by Makino Yui, reaches #18 in Oricon Charts.

Overall, I like this manga. The artwork is gorgeous and detailed. I like how Amano-sensei draws water and building. Her colouring is great too, and the background is just simply awesome. If you read this manga, you'll never get bored to read it, specially with such a great artwork and interesting stories.

9:14 AM

Seiyuu Profile: Haruka Tomatsu

Posted by hoshitachi

Born February 4, 1990 in Ichinomiya, Aichi. Haruka Tomatsu (戸松遥 Tomatsu Haruka) debuted as a seiyuu in 2007, starring in Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica as Corticarte Apa Lagranges. Since then, she has had other major roles such as Lala Satalin Deviluke in To-Love-Ru, Shiho Sannomiya in Zettai Karen Children, M.M in Kemeko Deluxe, and Nagi in Kannagi. Before graduating from high school in 2008, Haruka used to live in Ichimomiya city where she often took the shinkansen, travelling back and forth between Nagoya and Tokyo to attend recordings. She has since entered a university in Tokyo, where she now resides. Her music agency is Ray'n Music, and she's part of music group Sphere, which the members are her, Takagaki Ayahi, Kotobuki Minako and Toyosaki Aki.

At the first, her talent is found by her mother. According to her, because of her mother's support, she can get in to the entertaiment world. One time, she joined a Cinderella audition in 2006. She can make it to the best 15, beating the 37.443 other finalis. She said that it can be a chance for her and starting to watching some anime because she want to be a seiyuu.

In anime Kannagi, her role as Nagi brings her as the main caharcter. She often gets main roles, like Lala Satalin Deviluke in anime To-Love-Ru, Sannomiya Shiho in Zettai Karen Children and others.

She has a voice that perfect in many characters, from a mature woman to a little child. But, for now, she often voicing as a tsundere characters or a poor girl. After voicing a lot of characters, she realized that she had voicing a lot of difficult characters. Even it's a boy character, or as an old person, she want to do it. One of her dream is she want to be a cast in Studio Ghibli's animes.
Some of her roles:

-Bokurano -Yamura Futabi-
-Engange Planet Kiss Dum -Mayura-

-Moetan -Kuroi Sumi-

-Sky Girls -Makihara Yayoi-

-Kemeko Deluxe! -M.M-

-Asu no Yoichi! -Ikagura Ayame-


Non-anime Roles:

-RH Plus live action drama -Misaki Ami-

-Joshi Daisei Kaikesishi no Jikenbo audio novel -Fujiwara Moemi-

-To-Love-Ru drama cd -Lala Satalin Deviluke-

-Arcrise Fantasia nintendo wii game -Cecille-


Some of her songs:

-Future Stream (Hatsukoi Limited OP) (Part of Sphere)

-nO limiT (Basquash! OP) (Part of Eclipse)

-motto☆Hade ni ne! (Kannagi OP)


Well, I like her voice. She's really a talented seiyuu, and she can voice any characters--tsundere chara (Ayame), lolis (Cecille) and a tomboy girl who chases her love (Lala). I'm looking foward from her work. Maybe she'll be the next female-seiyuu idol?

1:26 PM

Anime With Great Story & Animation: CLANNAD

Posted by hoshitachi

Clannad (クラナド Kuranado) is a Japanese visual novel created by the software company, Key, who also produced Kanon and Air. This anime has a great and interesting story, and also a beutiful animation, and it totally an eye candy. You won't get bored watching this anime, comedy and heart-touching scenes are ready to welcome you when you're starting to watch this anime.

There are recurring themes that appear in the story. But, the main theme is the value having a family, as the title of the series since according to the main scenario writer, Maeda Jun, Clannad means "family" or "clan" in Irish. Of the six main characters,
Tomoya, Nagisa and Kotomi have no siblings, through their parents factor majorly in their story.

The first half of the story takes place primarily at a high school in Japan, which is the best school in the city. Outside of the school, frequented locations include the bakery run by Nagisa's parents, and the dormitory where Sunohara Youhei lives. Throughout the story, glimpses into an Illusionary World are shown. This world is devoid of all life except for a young girl, though she later makes a body out of junk pieces through which the player can interact with her. The remaining half of the story takes place in the same city, after the conclusion of the first half.

Story--School Arc

This arc revolves around Okazaki Tomoya, a third-year high school student who dislike his life. His mother died in an accident, and his father turned into alcohol and gambling. One day, on his way to school, he met Furukawa Nagisa, a soft-spoken girl who is repeating his third year because of her illness. Her goal is to join the drama club, but they find that the drama club was disbanded. Nagisa decided to reforming the drama club, a
nd since Tomoya has a lot time to kill, he decide to help Nagisa.

After that, Tomoya meets and hangs out with several girls and help
their individual probelms. Like Fujibayashi Kyou, Ichinose Kotomi, Sakagami Tomoyo and Ibuki Fuko.

OP theme: Mag Mell ~cockool mix 2007~ by eufonius
END theme: Dango Daikozoku by CHATA

Story--After Story

In the second season, the story focused in Tomoya and Nagisa's relationship. In the half of story, they already married and live together. Tomoya has to endure several hardships that the family has been suffering from, mainly involving Nagisa's illness. Just after Nagisa gives birth to their daughter, Ushio, Nagisa dies, leaving Tomoya to fall into a state of depression. He turns into alcohol and gambling, just like his father. This causes Nagisa's parents
to look after Ushio.

Five years later, Tomoya meets Okazaki Shino, his grandmother on his father's side. Shino explains to Tomoya about his father's past and tragedy, similar to Tomoya's current situation after Nagisa's death. After hearing that, Tomoya decides to raise Ushio and acknowledge Naoyuki as his father. Shortly after Tomoya regains his purpose for living, Ushio is struck with the same disease as Nagisa. Tomoya, Sanae and Akio struggle to save Ushio, with Tomoya retiring from his job, but all efforts are futile. In the coming winter, wanting to do anything for Ushio, Tomoya decides to take Ushio on a trip, but Ushio falls unconscious and dies shortly after.

Tomoya's psychology developed in his dreams of a bleak world where small orbs of light float around called the Illusionary World (幻想世界 Gensō Sekai). In the first few dreams, he sees a world devoid of all life except for one girl. Each time he dreams, he finds out more about the world. Tomoya discovers the girl has a special ability to fuse junk together to create new things, with which she creates a body for him. Thus he is reborn in this world, and fills time following the girl around. Tomoya conceives that only the two of them are "alive".

To pass time, Tomoya and the girl try to build another doll with more junk they find, but as it has no soul, it fails to come to life. Remembering a distant world where he came from, Tomoya convinces the girl to build a ship so that the two can escape the approaching winter and continue a happy life. Eventually, winter sets in, and the girl becomes cold to the point where she cannot move any more. Upon meeting this tragedy, the girl tells Tomoya that he has another chance to go back and make things right. To do so, he must collect certain "lights" (symbols of happiness) similar to those floating around in the Illusionary World. If all the "lights" are collected throughout both story parts, a chance to save Nagisa from dying in childbirth will become available, and the true ending where Nagisa survives and lives with Tomoya and their daughter Ushio will also become available.

OP theme: Toki wo Kizamu Uta by Lia
END theme: TORCH by Lia

The story and animation is really good. The comedy in this anime is really funny, but the heart-touching moment can make us cry too (for your information, I cried 4-5 times while watching this anime). The music is GREAT. The BGM is beautiful, and really fits the moment. Every heroine has her own theme, and I love all of them.

The voice actor is great too, several most-known seiyuu like Nakamura Yuichi (Tomoya), Nakahara Mai (Nagisa), Hirohashi Ryou (Kyou), Mamiko Noto (Kotomi), Kuwashima Houko (Tomoyo) and Nonaka Ai (Fuko). Even Fukuyama Jun and Paku Romi plays as a supporting characters in this anime.

There's two OVAs for this anime, the first OVA is: Alternate World ~Tomoyo's Arc~ that tells us about when Tomoya and Tomoyo is dating which is based on Tomoyo's arc in the game. The second OVA is Alternate World ~Kyou's Arc~, which tells us about Tomoya and Ryou is dating, while Kyou try to help them but realize that she loves Tomoya.

There's even a internet radio drama, called Nagisa to Sanae no Omae ni Rainbow (渚と早苗のおまえにレインボー), hosted by Nakahara Mai as Nagisa and Inoue Kikuko as Sanae (Nagisa's mother). Several voice actors from the anime appeared as guest, like Nakamura Yuichi, Kanda Akemi (Ryou's VA) and others. The second radio drama for Clannad After Story is Nagisa to Sanae to Akio no Omae ni Hyper Rainbow (渚と早苗と秋生のおまえにハイパーレインボー), hosted by Nakahara Mai as Nagisa, Inoue Kikuko as Sanae, and Okiayu Ryoutaro as Akio (Nagisa's father).

10:22 AM

Live action musical kuroshitsuji

Posted by hoshitachi

yes, it's about Kuroshitsuji again.
is a live action musical to be named: 'Ongaku Butoukai Kuroshitsuji'

This event was held at the sunshine theater, Tokyo, Japan from 28-05-2009 to date 07-06-2009.
ticket price is 6000 yen. and the DVD will released on December 2009


Ciel Phantomhive : Sakamoto Shougo (阪本奨悟)
Sebastian Michaelis: Matsushita Yuuya (松下优也)
Bard : Tsuyoshi Koyama (小山刚志)
Finnian : Minami Shouta (南翔太)
Meilin : Igari Atsuko (猪狩敦子)
Grell Sutcliff : Uehara Takuya (植原卓也)
Lau : Ryuuya (龙弥)
Undertaker : Shuuhei Izumi (和泉宗兵)
Abberline : Naohiro Ise (伊势直弘)
Yuuki : Ruito Aoyagi (青柳塁斗)
Kirito : Yuuya Miyashita (宫下雄也(RUN & GUN))
Kai : Oshino Daichi (押野大地)

too bad.. i can't watch this performance..

8:59 AM

Kuroshitsuji 2 will be made

Posted by hoshitachi

This is good news for fans of Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler).
based on information provided by Junichi Suwabe (voice actor of Undertaker), Kuroshitsuji anime season 2 will be made.

This news was announced on the official event "Sono Shitsuji, Shuushou ~ Saigo no Bansan wo Anata to Tomo ni".
I looked forward to this (because I am a huge fan Kuroshitsuji ^ ^). story for the sequel to this anime is very difficult to predict because of the ending and the anime storyline is different from that in manga.

source : Junichi Suwabe's official blog

According to Weekly Shounen Magazine, CLAMP's manga Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE will end in WSM volume 44 to be released on September 30th. It will be chapter 232. The final tankobon volume 28 will be released on November 17th along with CLAMP's art book.

Scan of WSM
copied from:

ah.. still long way to go for me to reach the latest chapter :(

I think, the further chapters, the plot thickens. especially in the chapter 160++ ..
yeah, although it is difficult to understand if you do not read from the beginning, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle is a good manga to read.
I hope CLAMP will issue a new amazing manga !

According to Reuters, VIZ Media cooperated with Disney-ABC Cable Networks and dubbed Naruto: Shippuuden will be aired on a newly launched cable network TV channel Disney XD from this October.

English subbed Naruto Shippuuden has been streamed on Crunchyroll and VIZ Media.com since this January.

Source: Reuters

Story by Vipo
copied from : myanimelist

7:35 PM

Makino Yui: Singer, Seiyuu, Pianist

Posted by hoshitachi

Born in Tokyo, January 19, 1986. Makino Yui (牧野由依) took up piano in the tender age of four. Her talent for piano was discovered by film director, Shunji Iwai, when she was only 7 years old. And then, after that, between ages 8 and 17, she played piano solos for his three films, Love Letter (1994), All About Lily Chou-Chou (2001) and Hana and Alice (2004).

She made her debut as singer in 2005 with "Omna Magni" produced by Kanno Yoko, which the all lyrics is written by latin. This song is used for the ending theme song for Sousei no Aquarion. In April the same year, she also made her debut as seiyuu, starring as Sakura in Tsubasa Chronicle.

In 2005, she released "Amrita", the theme song for Tsubasa Chronicle: Tori Kago no Kuni no Himegimi alongside with "You Are My Love" and "Jasmine". She also sing the opening theme of ARIA the Animation, titled "Undine", coupled with the an insert song, "symphony" and marked #25 in the Oricon Charts.

In 2006, she released a new single, "Euforia" which is used for opening theme of ARIA the Natural, coupled with "Amerufihana". It marked #18 at the Oricon Chart. In 2007, she was invited to represent Japan at the Japan-China Cultural Exchange Event.

In 2008, a single for ARIA the Origination is released, called "Spirale", coupled by "Yokogao" and marked #20 in Oricon Chart. In the same year, she also graduated from Tokyo Collage of Music (piano major) in March.

In 2009, she spread the field of activity toward overseas. She visited France is July to join Japan Expo, the largest Japan culture festival in Europe as stage performer. Totally 6.000 audience gathered the venue and got exited with her stage. Yui will join New York Anime Festival as guest of honor in September.

Some of her roles:

-Sketchbook: full color’s -Torikai Hazuki-
-Bokurano -Tokosumi Aiko a/k/a Anko-
-Amuri In The Star Ocean -Kakyoin Amuri-
-Welcome to N.H.K. -Nakahara Misaki-
-Tsubasa Chronicle Series 2 -Sakura-
-Tsubasa Chronicle: Tori Kago no Kuni no Himegimi (movie) -Sakura-
-Tsubasa Chronicle -Sakura-
-Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations -Sakura-
-Tsubasa Shunraiki -Sakura-
-Taisho Yakyu Musume. -Sakurami Kyouko-
-Asu no Yoichi! -Tsubasa Tsubame-
-SORA Kake GIRL -Kawai Honoka-
-Arcrise Fantasia software for Nintendo Wii -Ryphia-
-Wagamama Sentai Bloom Heart drama CD -Tougaiji Yuri a/k/a White Lily-
-Zegapain -Jen May-Yu-

Some of her songs:
-Tenshi no Hashigo ~crepuscular rays~ (END theme of Arcrise Fantasia)
-Modokashii Sekai no Ue De (END theme of Welcome to the N.H.K!)
-synchronicity (OP theme of Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations)
-Yume no Tsubasa (Insert song of Tsubasa Chronicle)
-Moroi Mirai Kirai (Kawai Honoka's character song)
-Sketchbook wo Motta Mama (END theme of Sketchbook ~full colour'S~
-CESTREE (found in Zegapain O.S.T)
-Tsuki no Shijima (Insert song of Tsubasa Chronicle series 2)

Fun Facts:
-She engages in blog wars with a fellow seiyuu, Fukuyama Jun. They made a deal that if Fukuyama Jun succeded learn the "blind type" (a way to type without see the keyboard) in one year, he can punish Yui. But, if he can't, Yui can punish him. They said the deadline is when they finished casting Sora Kake Girl. So...who's gonna win?

-She and Inoue Marina is a close friend, they meet when they were casting in Zegapain. They often sleep in each other place. When Marina stay in Yui's place, they spend the night watching horror movies, Death Note and Doraemon.

-She made some songs by herself, like Towa no Omoi (lyrics & music), Amerufihana (lyrics), Solfege (lyrics & music), Shiawase no Tameiki (lyrics, music & arrangment), Tenshi no Hashigo ~crepuscular rays~ (lyrics & music).

-She has a pet ferret named Hokke-chan

-Her voice is somehow perfect for latin-languaged songs or made up-languaged songs. Like "Omna Magni" and "Imaginal Song" (in Arcrise Fantasia).

-She was chosen to perform in the Graduation Ceremony concert after earning the top score in her senior year piano ensamble. She had a pretty overloaded schedule then, since she had new released and she also working in her second album. So, after work she practice long at the night to get ready for the concert.


Official Website

Official Blog

Official Limited Blog

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