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5:36 PM

anime KOBATO anounnced

Posted by hoshitachi

What is Kobato?

who doesn't know CLAMP? they're mangaka from Japan who have make a lot of great manga (comics) out there. one of their project is Code Geass which won the Best Anime for 3 years. lot of their projects are success and be favorited by anime-manga fans in the world. Now, one of their fabulous manga will adapted into anime. yup it's Kobato.

Hanato Kobato is a cute girl who has a mission: fill up a mysterious bottle she carries with her in order to grant her wish.

For that mission, she's counting with Ioryogi's help, a little blue dog who seems very cute but who has a terrible foul mouth and bad manners. Now, Kobato-chan has to heal the people whose hearts are wounded. The only problem is that she doesn't really know how to do it. The more people/hearts she heals, the more her bottle fills itself. She only needs to take care to not fall in love with the person she's healing.

About the Anime

Anime Kobato will released in October 2009 (autumn) with 24 episodes (duration: 20 minutes/episode). madhouse studios will take care of it with Ohkawa Nanase, one of CLAMP's member as a scripter. tThis anime will airing in NHK TV, Japan.

Voice Actor/Actress

Kobato : Hanazawa Kana

Ioryogi : Inada Tetsu

OPENING: magic number by Sakamoto Maaya

ENDING : by Nakajima Megumi

I really looking forward to the ED and OP. because both of the singer have a beautiful voice. especially Sakamoto Maaya.
Oh yes! Sakamoto Maaya is often works for CLAMP. like sung for CLAMP's animes or as a seiyuu of their animes. and for Nakajima Megumi who starts her debut as a seiyuu in Macross Frontier (Ranka Lee). she has a beautiful voice too ^^


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